Roxborough Dog Park Association Membership Agreement
4117-45 Mitchell Street, Philadelphia, PA ("Dog Park")

The term "Member" as used in this Membership Agreement shall be defined as the primary member ("Primary Member") executing this Membership Agreement with the Roxborough Dog Park Association ("RDPA") and anyone residing in the same household as the Primary Member that is at least fifteen (15) years of age.

General Rules

  • Members and dog walkers and pet sitters retained by the Members (each, an "Authorized Entrant", collectively, "Authorized Entrants") must sign the Waiver and Release of Liability and Indemnification prior to entering the Dog Park.

  • Authorized Entrants are only permitted to bring dogs listed under the Dog(s) Schedule (each, a "Listed Dog", collectively, "Listed Dogs") in this Membership Agreement into the Dog Park. No other dogs are allowed.

  • Members must ensure that their dog walkers or pet sitters know the rules of the Dog Park included in this Membership Agreement AND know if their Listed Dog has issues with other specific dogs. Members are responsible for their Listed Dog’s behavior, so please make sure your dog walker or pet sitter has the information s/he needs to do his/her job BEFORE entering the Dog Park.

  • The Dog Park is accessible for use daily between the hours of 6 am-9 pm during the Spring and Summer and 6 am-8 pm during the Fall and Winter. No Authorized Entrants may be in the Dog Park outside of those times. Authorized Entrants who are in the Dog Park must leave by 8 or 9 pm, depending on the season in which they are accessing the Dog Park.

  • Authorized Entrants may only access the Dog Park to walk their Listed Dogs unless they are a Member. Members may also access the Dog Park to perform their volunteering hours.

  • Authorized Entrants may only access their telephones if it is necessary to call for emergency (police, fire, emergency medical) assistance.

  • Key pin entry is limited to Authorized Entrants only. Do not share the access code with anyone and do not open the gate for anyone.

  • Use of the Dog Park is at your own risk. Members are responsible for their own safety and the safety of their Listed Dogs and their dog walkers or pet sitters. Members may not give their pin to anyone who is not an Authorized Entrant. This rule is for the safety of Authorized Entrants and the Listed Dogs.

  • All rules and posted signs are important; please adhere to the rules, including the Dog Park hours of operation.

  • The Dog Park has promised the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority and the neighbors that RDPA will pick up the trash outside the Dog Park on Mitchell Street. Do your part. If you see some trash, pick it up.

  • Each of us is responsible for the success of the Dog Park. If you see an Authorized Entrant who is not abiding by the terms and conditions of this Membership Agreement, it is your responsibility to remind or report the Authorized Entrant.

  • It’s always best for people whose Listed Dogs have had issues with each other to try to work out the issue amongst themselves first. If an agreement cannot be reached between the two parties and everyone has put in a good faith effort to resolve the situation, then it’s reasonable to contact the RDPA Membership and Member Relations Committee) who will arrange a sit down with the two parties to reach a reasonable compromise/resolution. Please complete an incident report, which is available in the Members’ only section of the Dog Park website (

Using the Dog Park

  • Per City ordinance, your dog must be on leash in public areas. Authorized Entrants must bring their Listed Dogs to the gate on leash, and keep their Listed Dogs on leash until they have closed the outer gate to the Dog Park and their Listed Dogs are between the double gates of the Dog Park. Keep Listed Dogs on leashes at all times except in designated "off-leash" area. Dogs who are leashed may feel threatened by free roaming dogs.

  • Secure the outer gate upon entering. NEVER open the interior gate until the outer gate is secured.

  • Do not allow your Listed Dog to rush or crowd the gate. If a Listed Dog is coming in, call your Listed

    Dog away OR physically move your Listed Dog away from the gate.

  • Clean up after your Listed Dog immediately. Plastic bags for cleanup purposes are available in metal bins located in two locations in the Dog Park. Bring bags to replenish the supply. If you see poop in the Dog Park that has been overlooked, clean it up!

  • All Listed Dogs must wear a collar or harness at all times while in the Dog Park. If you use a self- restraining (prong, choke or pinch) or spike collar on your Listed Dog, you must remove it and replace it with another collar (buckled collars are strongly recommended rather than choke collars) upon entering the Dog Park to avoid injury to your or other Listed Dogs during play.

  • No Listed Dog may be unattended.

  • Authorized Entrants must be in possession of their Listed Dog’s leash at all times.

  • Authorized Entrants must remain in the Dog Park and keep their Listed Dog in view at all times.

  • Members are responsible for the behavior of their Listed Dogs.

  • Close both gates carefully upon exiting

Dog Behavior in the Dog Park

  • Members are responsible for any injuries to their Listed Dogs and any property damage or injuries caused by their Listed Dogs to other Listed Dogs or any Authorized Entrant.

  • Never leave your Listed Dog unattended. All Listed Dogs must be supervised and within their respective Authorized Entrants’ view at all times. Remember, the Dog Park is for the dogs - socializing is fine as long as it does not interfere with you interacting with and keeping a watchful eye on your Listed Dog.

  • We recommend the Authorized Entrant to call his/her Listed Dog to him/her from time to time and interact with the Listed Dog to maintain control. We also recommend that the Authorized Entrant get up and move around while s/he is at the Dog Park; this will minimize a Listed Dog becoming territorial about a place that the Authorized Entrant may be sitting.

  • Aggressive dogs are not allowed in the Dog Park. Any Listed Dog showing signs of aggression must be removed from the Dog Park. If your Listed Dog behaves aggressively in any way towards another Listed Dog or human, the Authorized Entrant must remove his/her Listed Dog immediately from the Dog Park.

  • If one Listed Dog behaves aggressively toward another Listed Dog, both Listed Dogs cannot remain in the Dog Park at that time. If the other Authorized Entrant is not ready to leave, the Authorized Entrant of the aggressor Listed Dog must leave the Dog Park and return at another time.

  • If your Listed Dog barks/howls repeatedly while in the Dog Park, and the Authorized Entrant who brought the Listed Dog into the Dog Park is unable to quiet it, that Authorized Entrant must leave the Dog Park and return at another time. If the barking is “encouraged” by individuals outside the Dog Park, please ask them to move away.

  • All Listed Dogs must have up to date vaccinations prior to entering the Dog Park.

  • Current rabies and applicable license tags must be affixed to the Listed Dogs’ collars or harnesses

    at all times.

  • Puppies under six (6) months of age and unsocialized dogs are not permitted to enter the Dog Park.

  • Listed Dogs must be spayed or neutered prior to entering the Dog Park.

Human Behavior in the Dog Park

  • An Authorized Entrant may not bring more than three (3) Listed Dogs to the Dog Park at one time.

  • Am Authorized Entrant must fill in any holes made by his/her Listed Dog immediately.

  • You must be at least fifteen (15) years of age to enter the Dog Park. An Authorized Entrant may not bring an infant or small child into the Dog Park.

  • No smoking, vaping, alcohol or tobacco product usage is allowed inside the Dog Park.

  • Grooming is not permitted in the Dog Park. If you find hair from natural shedding, please place

    discarded hair in the trash cans.

  • Please limit loud conversations, which, like barking/howling, could disturb neighbors. An Authorized Entrant should not raise his/her voice unless necessary to control his/her Listed Dog.

  • Toys and water bowls provided by the RDPA or the Members for general use should be left in the Dog Park so that others may enjoy them. Do not bring toys to the Dog Park if your Listed Dog is going to get possessive/aggressive about them. Do not leave toys in the Dog Park unless you intend to donate them to the Dog Park. Please place toys in the bins when finished using them.

  • Authorized Entrants must be in possession of their Listed Dog’s leash at all times.

  • No glass containers or human or dog food is permitted inside the Dog Park.


If an emergency occurs in the Dog Park, every attempt should be made to stay there with your animal until the issue is resolved (information exchanged, emergency calls made, transportation to veterinarian or hospital, etc.). There is a list of emergency numbers posted in the Dog Park for reference, if needed.